Monday 20 January 2014

My review of Tidal

Tidal (Watersong #3) by Amanda Hocking 
Release Date: June 6, 2013
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Tidal (Watersong, #3)Her only hope lies with her greatest enemies.

Gemma is facing the fight of her life. Cursed by beautiful but deadly sirens, her extraordinary powers have a terrifyingly dark side, and becoming human once more is proving her greatest challenge yet. As she struggles to break the curse, the sirens, Penn Lexi and Thea are determined to kill her before she can set herself free.

Gemma's only allies are her sister, Harper, and Harper’s boyfriend, Daniel. Together they must delve into their enemies’ mythical pasts – to discover their darkest secrets. But Penn has also set her sights on Daniel. Soon, the sirens threaten everything Gemma holds dear: her family, her friends, her life, and her relationship with Alex – the only guy she's ever loved. Can she save herself and those she cares about before it is too late?

**Spoilers for the previous book**
Tidal is the third exciting installment in the Watersong series, and undeniably the best one yet! Unlike Wake, there was more romance, and unlike Lullaby, there was much more action and a page-turning plot! I did not want to put this down at all.

Gemma and her friends are doing everything they can to find an end to the curse that haunts Gemma mercilessly. With her friendship with Thea going strong, she knows that Lexi and Penn are set out to stop Gemma from breaking the curse, even if this means killing her off completely and replacing her with another potential siren. While that is going on, Harper and Daniel are going strong. Their relationship couldn't get better, apart from the fact that Penn is showing a considerable interest in him; an interest he really does not want. But nothing he does or says will make her go away because what Penn wants, Penn will get.

I found Tidal a lot better than the previous books! I was hooked all the way through and could not get enough. Especially when I reached the end. Grr, cliffhanger, I need Elegy

In Lullaby, Gemma put Alex under her song and forced him to forget about her. In this book, he is left in tatters and a mess like never before. But Gemma knows she can't be with him because she would put him in immediate danger. However, Daniel and Harper are making it through these tough times. Even with Daniel living on Bertie's island. The two make the effort to see each other, and in the midst of trying to find a way to break the curse, the two share many adorable moments that will have you Awr-ing non-stop.
Instead of the story following just Gemma and Harper, it also follows Daniel and we get a good glimpse inside his head. Since Penn is now taking an interest in him, it's nice to see that he is completely loyal to Harper and would do anything to keep her safe. Not only that, but every few chapters we learn more about Penn and Thea's past, and it really interested me to see what the girls were like before the modern day.

Tidal leaves us with the impression that Elegy is going to end with a BANG! I'm sure Amanda Hocking has got something amazing and mind-blowing to end the much-loved series and I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on it. 

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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed this. Elegy is freaking awesome and I hope you enjoy it too. Wonderful review.