Monday 15 December 2014

My review of Undeniable

Undeniable by Liz Bankes
Release Date: August 1, 2013
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UndeniableGabi is so excited she's spending the summer working as a runner on her favourite TV show. It's a dream come true! Plus it's perfect for for distracting her from The Break-Up especially with all those gorgeous actors around. And then there's Spencer Black: student, extra, expert flirt. Everything with him is fun, intoxicating and uncertain. Things between them are hotting up when he lands a minor role on the show. So is it make or break for them? Is Spencer undeniably the one for Gabi?

Undeniable is a humorous and likable romance of a crazy summer romance involving a girl getting over ex-boyfriend and trying to keep her eyes off a future hit celebrity. Liz Bankes offers an exciting voice and fun plot.

Gabi is our protagonist and she is extremely quirky and absolutely hilarious! At times she was hard to like but overall you cope with her because of how much she makes you laugh. As for Spencer, at the start we see him as charming and lovely and the best thing that could happen to a girl. And that pretty much carries out through the novel. His charm will definitely make you smile and even swoon.
The writing flowed nicely and the humor came naturally and at completely random moments. Liz Bankes has a great style of writing that I simply loved. The plot was interesting but at times I felt that the story fell flat. However the characters made up for it.

Undeniable is a great YA/NA novel for those who are looking for a slightly humorous contemporary romance.I will definitely be reading Bankes' previous novel Irresistible.


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  1. I do like humor, and humor makes romance so much better in my opinion. I hadn't heard of this one until now, but I may have to check it out, as a fun, pick-me-up read!