Tuesday 2 December 2014

My review of Misty Falls

Misty Falls (Benedicts #4) by Joss Stirling 
Release Date: October 2, 2014
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Misty FallsMisty is a one-girl disaster zone. Born with a Savant 'gift' that means she can never tell a lie, her compulsive truth-telling gets her into trouble wherever she goes.

So when she meets Alex: gorgeous, confident, and impossibly charming, Misty instantly resolves to keep her distance . . . Someone so perfect could never be hers, surely?

But a dark shadow has fallen across the Savant community. A serial killer is stalking young people who have these special mental powers. Soon one of them will be taken to the edge of death . . . and beyond. 

Misty Falls is an exhilarating addition to the Benedict series. If you love a good supernatural romance then you need to look into these stories because they are simply some of my favourites of all time. This book follows Misty as she struggles with her powers as a Savant. Her unique gift is that she can't tell a lie, and neither can the people around her. Being one of the youngest in the Savant family, she does not expect to find her Soulfinder any time soon, but what if she has? And not forgetting the threat of a psycho killer murdering Savants left, right and centre. Yes, Misty's life is not the easiest.

I can't really think of anything that I dislike about the idea of Savants and having a "Soulfinder" who is basically your other half. And to a Savant, once you have been reunited with your Soulfinder, your powers as a pair are limitless. However, your Soulfinder could be anywhere in the whole entire world so there are extreme odds stacked up against you finding them. And this is what the Benedict series is all about!

Misty is a humorous character who can't control her powers and this makes her completely and utterly endearing. She is not taking no crap from no one and she will stand her ground. I couldn't have imagined a better protagonist for the story. Alex was also unsurprisingly lovely to read about and the perfect guy for the role of the main love interest. The chemistry between the two is brilliant and I love it EVERY TIME soulfinders unite. It is pure magic and you need to read the story to understand my feels.

Misty Falls was a pleasure to read and I loved getting to know new characters and reuniting with previous ones. I cannot recommend this series enough for those who are just getting into YA because they are brilliantly engaging and a roller coaster from start to finish. Bring on the next book, Joss Stirling!

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  1. Great Review! This sounds very interesting. I will definitely need to have a look at this series! :)