Monday 25 August 2014

My review of The Parts I Remember

The Parts I Remember (The Parts I Remember #1) by A.K. Mills 
Release Date: March 1, 2013
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The Parts I RememberAct first. Think never. Remember nothing.

Welcome to Kelly Rockport’s existence at Haysville University, where responsibility is just an elective. After all, fake IDs, alter egos, and one-night stands are all part of the college experience, right? So what if she blacks out from time to time? Memory is overrated.

When freshman year lasts about as long as a one-night stand and is quickly followed by the Year of the Blackout, Kelly projects junior year to be nothing shy of amazing. But as shots, beer, cocaine and men mesh together in an intoxicating haze, Kelly’s reckless ways get her into serious trouble. The only problem is, she can't remember what happened.

As she hovers along the edge of consciousness, Kelly forces herself to think past her pain to piece together the shards of her life. This is her story, told in her words: The Parts I Remember.

The Parts I Remember will hit you in a way that you would never expect it to with its refreshing and honest characters who are all simply stumbling through life with no real direction. Though I never thought I'd love a main character who drinks until she "blacks out" and can't remember anything from the night before, or has one-night stands, and uses drugs... I did come to like her. Kelly is honest and she doesn't care what you think of her. She is daring and a complete one of kind that you wouldn't wish anyone other than her could tell the story.

Page one throws you into a car crash scene and you are literally put in the "what the utter heck is going on?" seat. However, through out explaining what is going on at that scene, the chapters and intersected with scenes of how it all began: when Kelly first starts college and moves in with a heavily religious girl who judges her every move, especially Kelly's partying habits. These scenes were some of the best in my opinion. But over the course of the book you slowly begin to put together how the crash happened and all the minor details before and after that.

I can understand why readers may not enjoy Kelly as a character. After all, she hardly learns from her mistakes and doesn't pay enough attention to her actions and the consequences of them, but I feel like that was what the author was aiming for. The Parts I Remember is a book about what you shouldn't do, what you should do, and also the things that are most important in your life. 

The Parts I Remember is a story that I really enjoyed and I did feel like I learnt a lot from it. I fell in and out of love with the characters and I honestly can't wait to read the sequel! YES, there's going to be more and I'm excited for it. I would recommend this book to those who prefer a new adult story which isn't all about sex and prefer a little more meaning.
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