Sunday 18 August 2013

Weekly Favourites (3)

This post is all about showing, you know, your favourite things... that week. Favourite cover, favourite book, favourite series, favourite author, anything book-ish I guess. :D

Feel free to join in and leave a link to your post in the comments!
Favourite Cover:
Fire & Flood
Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott - February 25, 2014 -
I really love this cover! It's clean, the font is simple, there's a good focus image, it's real nice! The feather on fire symbolises something and I can't wait to read the book!!! 
Favourite Book that I've Read:
Unbreakable (Unravelling, #2)
This book has to be my favourite for this week! It's definitely a page-turner because of the action and romance. I'm so sad that there isn't going to be another book. :( Keep an eye out for my review soon!
Favourite Romance:
The Secret of Ella and Micha (The Secret, #1)
This has to be my favourite romance this week! Ella and Micha are seriously cute and I adored their relationship. My review will be on the blog tomorrow!
Favourite Girl in a Dress:
Teardrop (Teardrop, #1)
I just love that dress. The way it turns into water? WELL DONE COVER DESIGNERS! A very good job.
Favourite Blog:
Realm of Fiction
Realm of Fiction - Sam -
I have so much love for Sam and her blog. She's well known in the blogging world and I really do look up to her. Her reviews are always great and you can always chat to her on a social media site. Definitely check her out!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Sam :D

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  1. I love the dress on the Teardrop cover. Hope it will be better than Fallen. I'll read it once it gets out.