Saturday 10 August 2013

Weekly Favourites (2)

This post is all about showing, you know, your favourite things... that week. Favourite cover, favourite book, favourite series, favourite author, anything book-ish I guess. :D

Feel free to join in and leave a link to your posts in the comments!
Favourite Cover:
Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3)
Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi - February 4, 2014 -
I haven't actually read any of the books...... I KNOW! DON'T KILL ME PLEASE!! I WILL! But, I saw this cover and... It's just so pretty! I love what they've done with the eye. I have no idea about the storyline, but I definitely want to pick this trilogy up sometime soon.
Favourite Book that I've Read:
Fracture (Night School, #3)
An awesome murder mystery set in a boarding school! Loved all the twists and turns. Look out for my review after the release date. Or if you're interested in checking out the first book, read my review of Night school here!
Favourite Romance:
Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2)
Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky #2) by Veronica Rossi - January 8, 2013 -
Aria and Perry... They are just too cute and completely perfect... I love them!!! I need Into the Still Blue because I need to find out what happens, but also because I just adore the characters so much and hope that we get lots of cute romantic scenes! ;) Not to mention, I've fallen for Roar a bit more too. 
Favourite Girl in a Dress:
Evertrue (Everneath, #3)
Evertrue (Everneath #3) by Brodi Ashton - January 21, 2014 -
The dress... it's just cool the way it turns into smoke! The red and the swirls... Love it! I saw a comment that said she looked a bit like an octopus. Hahah, I agree!
Favourite Blog:
Blood, Sweat and Books - by Kristin -
I've been following Kristin's blog for almost a year now and I've enjoyed many of her posts! She writes really awesome review on books and even a few movies. If you love a consistent and friendly blogger then go check out her blog HERE!
Favourite Song:
Can We Dance by The Vamps 
I know this is completely off the topic of books, but I adore this band and they've finally released a song! I love it. I love them so much! <3 They are from the UK! And I'm sure they'll take over the US at some point. ;) Hopefully I'll get to go to one of their concerts/meet&greets..... at some point. 
If you have any "Favourites" to suggest for next week's post then feel free to leave them down in the comments!

Much love to you all,
Sam :D

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