Wednesday 21 August 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (65)


This week I'm waiting for...

The Elites
The Elites by Natasha Ngan
Release Date:
September 5, 2013
'There is a rumour that the Elites don't bleed.'

Hundreds of years into the future, wars, riots, resource crises and rising sea-levels have destroyed the old civilisations. Only one city has survived: Neo-Babel, a city full of cultures - and racial tension. Fifteen-year-old Silver is an Elite, a citizen of Neo-Babel chosen to guard the city due to her superior DNA. She'd never dream of leaving - but then she fails to prevent the assassination of Neo Babel's president, setting off a chain of events more shocking and devastating than she could ever have imagined. Forced to flee the city with her best friend Butterfly (a boy with genetically-enhanced wings), Silver will have to fight to find her family, uncover the truth about Neo-Babel and come to terms with her complicated feelings for Butterfly.

I have no control over my emotions. This sounds kick-assssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything about it just sounds... unique! I neeeeed. 
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Have a good week,
Sam :)


  1. This one does sound really cool! Definitely a book I might enjoy. I didn't request this because OMG ALL THE SEPTEMBER RELEASES D: *treads water* There are so many, and I requested so many, and now I'm sinking... lower... lower...

    Anyway. I hope you read and enjoy this one sometime soon! :)

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  2. I haven't seen this one before but it's going straight on my to-read list. I really like the sound of it and I'd love to read it when it comes out. Great pick and thanks for sharing!
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  3. What an unusual synopsis. But I love the cover, and the story sounds intriguing!