Sunday 16 December 2012

Book Haul (#25)


It's so close to Christmas! (And the end of the school term.) Are you guys excited? I just want it to snow, to be completely honest. *Cries* It's freezing over here in the UK.
Anyhow, here are the books that I have received/borrowed this week:
Mist (Mist, #1)
Mist (Mist #1) by Kathryn James - Received -
Thank you Hachette Children Books! The cover is so cool! Looking forward to seeing what this one's about.
Frost (Mist #2) by Kathryn James - Received -
Thank you Hachette Children Books! This is the sequel to Mist.
Monument 14 (Monument 14 #1)Fated (Soul Seekers, #1)
Monument 14 (Monument 14 #1) by Emmy Laybourne - Received -
Thank you Hachette Children Books! WOOOOOOOO! I'm ecstatic that this book is being released in the UK because bloggers in the US have been raving about it.
Fated (Soul Seekers #1) by Alyson Noel - Received -
Thank you St. Martin's Griffin! I am confused to why they have sent me this book since I've already reviewed the sequel... Thank you for the gorgeous paperback copy anyway!
Finale (Hush, Hush, #4)Beastly (Kendra Chronicles #1)
NOOOOO! WHY IS THIS THE LAST BOOK?!?!?!??!?!? *Sniffles*
I watched the movie with Alex Pettyfer (He is gorgeous) and I thought I should read the books.
I loved Claudia Gray's Vampire series and I simply couldn't resist this one. Come on, werewolves + Titanic = should be extremely interesting.

Yep, that's my haul for this week! Leave a link to your book haul in the comments below and I'll check it out!

Enjoy ya books,
Sam :D

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  1. Lovely books,Sam. :)

    I still haven't bought Finale. I'm waiting for the 2nd edition,read cheaper one.
    My friend Tanja read Fateful and she said it was great so I need to pick it up soon. Too bad I didn't have any money on my card when it was about $3 on Fishpond.

    HERE is what I got.
    Zemira @ YA Fanatic

  2. Awesome haul!! Fateful looks really good!

  3. Momentum 14 and Fated are two books I really want to read. Beastly is good! I liked it :) Fateful sounds great. Happy reading :D


  4. FInale was pretty good... definitely better than the previous book in the series and I can't wait to hear whether you liked it or not!

  5. I've been wanting to read Beastly forever, so that I can finally see the movie. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week!

    My IMM

  6. Mist and Frost have amazing covers! I must check those out on Goodreads. Very jealous about Finale!