Friday 10 February 2012

My review of Dream of Me

10/02/12 - Dream of Me by Jennifer Froelich - Released 16th September 2011

A great suspense novel!

Dream of Me
Bay-area dressmaker Erynne O’Keefe begins dreaming about a handsome stranger shortly after her mother’s suicide. Every night they walk along a damp street, empty beach or desert river until the light of morning pulls her back to reality. Practical and guarded, Erynne would like to dismiss her dreams as evidence of grief, but remembering her mother’s life-long struggle with strange dreams and nightmares, she fears they point to hereditary mental illness. Erynne begins searching for answers in a stack of her mother’s old love letters while trying to resist her growing feelings for the stranger.

But the man in Erynne’s dreams is quite real, living in Arizona and wondering why his nights are filled with dreams of a pretty stranger. Stubbornly resistant to commitments, Colin Green can’t believe he has become smitten with a figment of his imagination. To add to his concerns, his dreams always come with a persistent warning: Protect her. But how can he protect a dream? While Erynne and Colin move closer to finding each other, their dreams turn to nightmares as an unlikely foe becomes determined to keep them apart.

When I saw the title of this book, I was curious. After I had read the blurb, I was really excited. I loved the idea of dreaming about someone your meant to be with, but never met. All I could think about when I was reading the book was: When will they meet for real? Oh god, will they ever find each other?

The characters. I really liked them, they were easy to get into and understand. I figured out who was 'evil' and who was 'good' pretty quick, which seemed to make the story less complicated. The book was told from many point of views, which was quite annoying at times because I wanted more scenes with Colin and Erynne in it!!! I found their encounters delightful. They slowly fell in love, eventhough they had never met. It was truly beautiful.

Sigh, isn't the cover really nice? I think the background is a pretty colour. When Colin first sets his eyes on Erynne she is wearing a nightgown. Actually, every time they meet she's in a nightgown! The dress that the lady is wearing on the cover can't exactly pass as a nightgown, but it's elegant and floaty, I wouldn't mind wearing that!

This is a brilliant suspense novel everyone will enjoy. I recommend this to all those who love a quick and satisfying read! Yet the ending will leave you breathless and happy. I can't wait to read more of Jennifer's novels!

I rate this book:

4 Falling Books


  1. I thought this was an excellent book too. Suspenseful, clever and original, with truly likeable characters. Loved it!

  2. Oh this one sounds great! I love how the main character will have to unravel a love mystery and confront her past at the same time:)

  3. This is the first that I have heard of this one, and I really like the sound of it. It seems just like a book that I would enjoy. And I love the cover. Thanks for the review!