Monday 15 September 2014

My review of Independent Study

Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau
Release Date: January 1, 2014
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Independent Study (The Testing, #2)Cia Vale is now seventeen and has everything she ever dreamed of: a boy she loves, a place at the University and a future as one of the leaders of the United Commonwealth. But Cia remembers. Cia must choose whether to stay silent and protect herself and her loved ones, or expose The Testing for what it is.

Following closely after the events of The Testing, Independent Study expands on Cia's time at the University as she finds out more and more about the twisted ways of the school. This installment is a neat and solid stepping stone to lead into the finale of the series as secrets bloom from the dark that will be answered in the last installment.

I'm not a fan of Cia and the way she is portrayed to be the ideal candidate for everything. She seems to have the most potential, be the smartest, know the answer to every situation and every dilemma. It was just all a bit too much when they come across as the all-perfect being. I think that the withheld information about the school and government spurred me on, and also the talk of rebellion added to my interest. 

Despite its similarities to The Hunger Games in the previous book, I do feel like the author tried to branch away from that to make the plot and storyline more unique but also exciting to read.

Independent Study is a good follow-up book to The Testing and maps out a wide picture of the dystopian world that the story is set in. I shall be picking up Graduation Day to see how the author puts the whole story together and brings it to its finale. 

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  1. I was going to read this but I really struggled with The Testing. Sounds like it might be a bit better than the first book though so maybe I'll put it back onto the maybe tbr for a future read.