Monday 14 July 2014

My review of Defy the Stars

Defy the Stars (Flynn #4) by Sophie McKenzie
Release Date: January 2, 2014
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Defy the Stars (Flynn, #4)After months apart, everyone thinks that River is successfully building a future without Flynn. Indeed, she has almost convinced herself that she is moving on. And then, one day, Flynn is back, bringing with him tales of his glamorous new life. River suspects his lucrative new work involves some form of criminal activity, but will she let herself be drawn back into Flynn's world? Or is this, finally, the end of the line for them both?

Defy the Stars is the fourth and final book in the contemporary series Flynn set over the course of over two years. It follows a girl named River who meets her first love Flynn. And their romantic relationship does not follow a steady course. After many bumps in the road, we finally witness whether their fierce and burning love was really meant to last.

This is not a contemporary series that I would rave about because I'm not particularly obsessed with the storyline. However, I have enjoyed what the books have had to offer and how the characters have wonderfully developed over the course of the four books.

River isn't the best protagonist and her decisions are not always great; but she is tolerable.  In the first book, Falling Fast, she seems so young compared to how she is in this book. She's grown and matured and the way she narrates the story is not too bad either. As for Flynn, he's now got a hold of his anger and temper issues and is attempting to make something of himself. I couldn't help but cheer their relationship on to the very end of the book.

The ending may not be what we are exactly expecting, but it's a great twist that will surprise you and bring you to tears! I really liked how the author rounded the story off, and I would recommend this series to anyone wanting a contemporary series that is short, sweet, and compelling while dealing with some difficult and daring issues.


  1. Great review. I like surprise endings. <3

  2. Sounds really good, thanks for your honest review