Tuesday 31 July 2012

My review of The Blessed

The Blessed (The Blessed #1) by Tonya Hurley
Release Date: August 2nd, 2012
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The Blessed (The Blessed, #1)Brooklyn teens Lucy, Cecelia and Agnes find themselves in the emergency room at Perpetual Help Hospital at the lowest point in their lives. Lucy, the superficial party girl; Cecelia, a drop out rock chick; and Agnes, a hopeless romantic. All rebels running from their lives and themselves, plagued by broken hearts and broken dreams. Enter Sebastian. Mysterious, compelling, seductive. He seems to bring each of them what they long for...

But in the battle for his heart, will they lose their souls?

The Blessed is a very intriguing and slightly creepy YA novel, that will definitely appeal to some teens. 

The Blessed is about three girls, Lucy, Cecelia and Agnes, who all end up in the emergency room at the hospital. Lucy, the party girl; Cecelia, the musician; and Agnes, the girl with a big heart. They're all running away and leaving their lives behind. They meet Sebastian, a hot and mysterious guy who seems to bring each of the girls what they long for. But can they trust him? 

I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. I found the plot a little too complicated to understand and the characters very hard to connect with. When I was about 60 pages in, I didn't know who any of the characters were, what was actually happening or WHY it was happening. I didn't even understand the plot. 

I think the book was paced too fast and I would have liked more explanations, and less description of what the characters are wearing. I really, really tried with this book but there was just nothing that held my attention. The characters could have all died and I wouldn't have cared. 

Lucy, Cecelia and Agnes? I couldn't stand Lucy; she was self-centered and careless. I couldn't connect with her character at all. As for Cecelia and Agnes, I found them bearable. Cecelia is very passionate about her music, something I can connect with, and Agnes had the kindest of personalities, which made it very hard to not like her. 

Overall, The Blessed is not my kind of book but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a spooky and thought-provoking read.
- A copy was provided from the publisher for review.


  1. :\ Sorry that you didn't like The Blessed. There have been books where I wished they'd been more drawn out or things had taken longer . . .

    Think I'll still give the book a try because I do like spooky books and I've liked the author's previous books. Thanks for the review!

  2. I've heard so many mixed reviews for this book. It seems that everyone either loves it or hates it. :/ I think I'll check out a few more reviews nearer to the release date before I make my decision.

  3. i've read different things about it too..... ill try the book out when it comes out

  4. Awww shucks! The cover is really beautiful, sad to hear the story got lost in translation.

  5. Well, shoot! That stinks. The cover of this book screams at me that it will be my kind of book. Love the cover. What I don't love? Descriptions of clothing to a ridiculous degree. Seems like I may find that in this one. I still think that I am going to check this one out, but I will definitely go into it with my guard up. Thanks for the review, even though it made me sad. :(

  6. I really have high hopes for this one. I will still give it a go, I will just be more prepared. I love creepy. I hope I have an easy time following the plot. thanks for the review!

  7. This book sounds like something I would really like. I wish that you would've liked it more! Thanks for the honest review.

  8. Oh...I'm really intrigued by this book and it sounds like something I'd like to give a try. Though I have a feeling that I won't like it for the same reasons you do, these things bother me in many other books a well.

  9. I like spooky reads and I would like to read it still. I can see if my opinion is the same or different.

  10. I adore the cover of this book! The young-adult genre is so diverse with such an array of interesting fiction, including 'The Blessed' that sounds just as origonal. The storyline is certainly different and captivating, hence now i want to read more! Thank you for this review.