Saturday 17 March 2012

My review of Dreamless

Dreamless (Starcrossed #2) by Josephine Angelini 
Release Date: May 29th, 2012 (US), July 5th, 2012 (UK)
- Warning - May contain spoilers for those who have not read Starcrossed.

An extraordinary sequel that Starcrossed fans will devour.

Dreamless (Starcrossed, #2)Heartbroken and forbidden from being with Lucas. Helen has been tasked with killing the furies and must spend her nights wandering the Underworld alone in search of them. Tormented by her worst nightmares made real she's beginning to suffer from extreme exhaustion on top of her heartbreak.

One night, Helen meets another person down in the shadowy Underworld; Orion, descended from Adonis with the power to control desire, he is the heir to the house of Rome and an outcast. Still in love with Lucas but drawn to this seductive stranger, Helen must make a choice that could save her life and break her heart.

Well, here I have it. The sequel to the book that is officially best selling teen debut of 2011. Starcrossed has captured thousands of readers across the world, now it's time to for us all to fall in love again with the gorgeous sequel.

Dreamless; the book that everyone is waiting for, the book that everyone would die for, the book that most have on their wish list. Well, I never expected this book to have so many torturing moments! All those who have read Starcrossed will know that Lucas and Helen did not have their happy ending that most were anticipating for. Instead they find out that they're related. After everything they risked! They find out that their FIRST COUSINS! Shocker to all readers I bet. But then we find out that Helen's mum was lying and I know you were all thinking, "Phew!" Yeah? Well, so was I.

I also know that all of you are expecting some honesty from a woman who claims to want the best for her daughter. But, NO! The first few chapters of Dreamless were practically killing me. Poor Helen and Lucas. They can't stop their attraction towards each other even though they know that it is wrong. Helen's emotions are all over the place. She can't help but descend to the Underworld every single night that she slept. She is alone all the time and she is running low on strength and hope. Until mysterious Orion appears. He helps Helen through her time in the Underworld. Orion and Helen's growing friendship is both amusing and entertaining, but definitely not to Lucas. The Delos family all notice a change in Helen; she's thin, exhausted and looks like she's been through hell (which she has!). Helen must find the Furies with the help from gorgeous Orion, before all is lost.

What do I think of Helen in this book? Hmmmm, she's still got that fiery determination and longing need for Lucas, but I feel that something has changed. The way she sees the world, maybe? I also feel that Orion has confused her. What happens when you have two gorgeous boys around you lots of the time? You are torn between the two. I must say, Josephine has made it extremely hard to pick a side. I don't want to say too much about Orion's character because I want you to experience his personality when you read the book without me spoiling it. But what I will say is that he is has green eyes. I know that it isn't relevant but all girls love a guy with green eyes, right?

Who expected a love triangle? I certainly didn't. I know that all of you are unsure about this, but believe me when I say that Josephine has delivered! Once again, there are twists, there are new characters, there are awesome action scenes, there are more mysteries and, most importantly, there is a wider selection of boys to choose for Helen. I know, I know. You are all angry because you don't want a love triangle, neither did I, but I can tell you that it is pretty interesting!

Overall, Dreamless is an AMAZING sequel that you should pre-order right now! YES! NOW! I do recommend you wait a few months after the release date to read this book, this is because the 3rd book is releasing NEXT year in May 2013, and I am certain that most of you guys will be desperate for the final book (like I am now).

*I really want to say more about this book but I think that Macmillan (UK Publishing company) and Josie will definitely kill me.*
A review copy was provided by Macmillan.


  1. I love the cover, i need to read the first book..glad to hear the second one is good too..great review :)

  2. I have not read Starcrossed yet, but I really want to! And hearing that the sequel is good as well really makes me want to read it!

  3. I just read the ARC, too; it's wicked awesome! :)

  4. Great review! I NEED THIS NOW. :D
    Good to see the sequel is just as good as the first :)

  5. I read Starcrossed shortly after it came out, and it nearly killed me that I had to wait till May of 2012 till Dreamless was published! I agree, it's obvious that Helen and Lucas aren't related; the situation reminds me a little of Clary and Jace from the Mortal Instruments. Anyway, great review, and I may actually take your advice and not read Dreamless till a few after it's release date...

  6. I can't wait for that. I love Starcrossed... Not sure about the love triangle though... so hope that you are right.

  7. I loved Starcrossed! I'm glad Dreamless is just as good and that the characters are just as awesome! I'm glad she handles the love triangle well:)

  8. I just picked up Dreamless from my local library, and decided to reread Starcrossed (a daunting task, really. It's huge!) because I couldn't remember a lot of the finer details. I can remember that I felt like Starcrossed dragged here and there, and some rather mundane things were written that didn't add to the story that took up a lot of space. Such as scrubbing her skin with a pumice stone. Anyway, aside from that small irritation, the core of the story was really good and I was definitely interested. I hope that Dreamless has more solid backbone to it, but other than that worry I don't doubt that I will enjoy this next book in the series. Thanks for your review! And for no spoilers. Who doesn't like to be surprised?!

  9. OMG i cant wait to get this book!! :D

  10. I love this book too. I can't wait to read book three :)

  11. i totally love this book and totally with you there was expecting them to realize that Daphnie was bluffing in order to get her goals...hope book 3 turns out great for Helen and Lucas (fingers-crossed)

  12. I'm glad to see you enjoyed this book more than I did. I really didn't like it, and I LOVED Starcrossed. This one just fell flat for me, and I hated the love triangle mess. Great review though :D