Sunday 18 March 2012

In My Mailbox (3)


Wow, I'm so bad with these IMM posts! I think I posted my last one a month ago! But, I'm here now!

For Review:
Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy, #1)
Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy #1) by Sarah Rees Brennan
- Releasing 11th September 2012 -
Thank you Netgalley and Random House Books.

Wasteland (Wasteland, #1)
Wasteland (Wasteland #1) by Lynn Rush
- Released 1st September 2011 -
Thank you Lynn and Diane Collins.

Awaited (Wasteland, #2)
Awaited (Wasteland #2) by Lynn Rush
- Releasing May 2012 -
Thank you Lynn and Diane Collins.

I borrowed:

Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, #2)
Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2) by Kiersten White
- Released 3rd January 2012 (UK) -
I've already finished this and I loved it! Watch out for my review!

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1)
Blood Red Road (Dustlands #1) by Moira Young
- Released 7th June 2011 -
I've started this one. I'm not getting on with it very well, there is absolutely no speech marks what so ever and the word for is 'fer', and damn I don't know if I can stand this.

Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1)
Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy #1) by Lauren DeStefano
- Released 22nd March 2011 -
Thank you Sallivan/Carien @ Pearls Cast Before A McPig

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith
- Released 2nd January 2012 -
Thank you Kat @ The Aussie Zombie!

Hunting Lila (Lila, #1)
Hunting Lila (Lila #1) by Sarah Alderson
- Released 2nd August 2011 -

That's it for this week,
Sam :)


  1. Great books! Oh Blood Red Road - argh! I nearly binned it by page 12 - I made it somewhere around page 50 and then had to move on to something else. Don't know if I will ever try again......

    Happy reading!

    My IMM @ The Aussie Zombie

  2. I really liked The Statistical Probability of Love at First Site! I also really want to read Hunting Lila!

    Happy reading. :D

    IMM @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  3. Reading Blood Red Road is like reading Huckleberry Finn; the dialect is annoying and awful, but the story is deep and fabulous.

  4. I got Unspoken from NetGalley too!

  5. Nice Haul..i am looking forward to your review of Unspoken

  6. Unspoken and Wasteland look really good.

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  7. Love the cover for Unspoken!

  8. Supernaturally was awesome! If you liked Paranormalcy, you'll love it. Nice mailbox. Can't wait to read some reviews.

  9. Great books. Wither is one of my favorite books and I cant wait to read Unspoken. It sounds really good. Cant wait for your review. Here's mine

  10. Unspoken is in my must read shelf ... looking forward to read your review :D

  11. At first I thought my copy of Blood Red Road was full of typos :D But I loved this book! The story is amazing :)