Thursday 26 June 2014

My review of The Oyster's Autobiography

The Oyster's Autobiography by Kitty Kilby
Release Date: June 12, 2013
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The Oyster's AutobiographyShy girls don’t yarn-bomb the school fence at dawn, and they definitely don’t skip school to hang out with Patrick Hayes—student council president, football vice-captain (and president of his own fan club). But then, best friends don’t usually resort to blackmail.

Fifteen-year-old Mabs is the shadow to Olivia’s sun. That’s how it’s always been. But when Olivia goes on a semester-long exchange to France, Mabs can no longer hide behind her best friend.

When a letter arrives, postmarked Paris, the last thing Mabs expects is blackmail. And unless she completes the enclosed list of dares by the time Olivia gets home, Olivia will send the love poem she stole from Mabs’s diary to the boy it was written about.

What’s even worse than the possibility of Rob Eno (her way too easily decipherable codename for the former object of her affections) seeing that poem, or her best friend thinking that she’s a friendless recluse who needs to be blackmailed into getting a life, is having to admit it just might be true.

After a few humiliating attempts, Mabs realises the only way she’s ever going to get the list finished in time is to enlist the help of an extrovert. Enter Patrick Hayes, her brother’s pain-in-the-neck best friend. The ultimate extrovert, he might be the only one who can help Mabs finish the list, and step out of Olivia’s shadow.

The Oyster's Autobiography is a short and sweet novel about experiencing situations outside of your comfort zone and first love. How could I resist the hilarious-heart-warming novel? 

Mabs is extremely shy and not outgoing at all. She has one friend, and when that one friend goes away on a trip, she leaves Mabs with a list of things that Mabs should try out. Why would Mabs do all these tasks? Well, her best friend is prepared to send out a love poem stolen from Mabs' diary to her long-time crush "Rob Eno". Yep, uh-oh.

The story was a whole big ball of cuteness and laughter. I wished that I was Mabs, and my brother had a hot best friend who just came round all the time. She cracked me up every time she attempted a task on the list, which compelled me to read on.

Lucky for Mabs, she has Patrick, her brother's best friend, to help her through the tasks. I LOVED Patrick! If I had a Patrick in my life, I would be so, so happy. He is full of jokes, loyal, and is all around lovely and caring. He is one of the characters that you will be drawn to to the most.

If you need a book that is quick to grab your attention from the beginning and hold your attention until the end, while offering a set of comedic and romantic characters, this book is perfect for you. For me, as a person who is not too keen on eBooks, The Oyster's Autobiography was just an ideal book to read as an eBook because it was short, enjoyable, and left me so satisfied by the end.
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