Thursday 14 February 2013

Warm Bodies


Today I thought I'd do something a bit different. Last Saturday, I went to Warm Bodies with some friends and IT WAS AMAZING! So, I thought, "Why not share it with the world?" and that's exactly what I'm going to do in this post. Prepare for my rant!
If you've seen it then you might have loved it or hated it, let me know why in the comments! I would love to know that I'm not the only raving about this movie.

Warm Bodies is a horror/comedy/romance. It is rated a 12, which means it's not that scary! Also, it is a book that was published back in 2010 and was written by Isaac Marion. Check it out if you prefer to read the book before the movie.

The book/film is based on the story of Romeo and Juliet, except twisted... with zombies and evil undead things. It's pretty cute and really deserves a chance. Watch the trailer below if you want a better summary:
Before we proceed with this rant, can I just point out this line:
Say something human "ehhhhhhegggg" Nailed it.
Did you laugh? Come on, how could you not have at least giggled inside?! The movie is HILARIOUS! The casting people did a good job picking Nicholas Hoult... he's like the perfect zombie. The way he acted, spoke, stood... damn, it was just all perfect. I don't think I could have picked a better actor to act as a zombie. I am going to be watching many more movies starring Nicholas Hoult. 
*Did you know that Nicholas went out with Jennifer Lawrence, but they split-up in January?*

I can't express how much I loved the fact that the comedy worked so well with the romance and horror. It's a dream come true... Not only was I laughing, I also jumped in my chair a few times and swooned way too much. When you see the movie and see just how sweet our zombie "R" is you will instantly fall in love with him. 

You would think that a zombie is merciless and emotionless, but also extremely boring; and that's how they are portrayed at the start. But then there is a massive turning point when R (zombies cannot remember their names, but R knows that it begins with an R so that's what he calls himself) saves a human girl from being eaten. Who knows why? He just sees her and something in him changes. He then protects her and lets her stay in his home, which is an airplane... pretty cool. From there, they slowly fall for each other and it's simply the cutest thing. :O
"If the movie is full of comedy and romance then how is it scary?" I hear you ask. Well, what certainly scared me were the "Bonies", which are basically dead-dead zombies. Zombies that have given up on life and cannot take anymore. The Bonies will eat anything with a heart beat, like a zombie, but they show no mercy. The zombies are not really afraid of Bonies because they know that the Bonies will not eat them because they no longer have a heart beat.

"But how do Bonies look different from Zombies?" Good question. Simply look below, the first picture is of R the zombie and the second picture is a Bony...
You see the difference? :) I hope so. Do you know what the Bony reminds me of? THE DEMENTORS FROM HARRY POTTER!! :D There is a slight resemblance, don't cha think? They both go round eating people/souls, they look dead and are dark colours...

Moving away from characters, the plot is absolutely incredible! I must admit, I did predict some things that occurred during the film, but I'm not that bothered since the movie was overall brilliant and very enjoyable. I loved so much of it. I need the the DVD so I can watch it over and over and over again. ^.^

Since I am completely and utterly obsessed with this movie, I did some searching for posters and found some really cool ones... LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE THEY ARE:
My favourite one has definitely got to be "Love Means Never Having To Say You're Undead." Which is yours? 

So, guys, have I swayed you to watch this yet? Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy your Valentines day,
Sam :D


  1. I love this movie! Can't wait for the sequel :D

  2. oh i want to see this movie....haven't yet got the chance though.

    Le' Grande Codex

  3. Going to see this on Tuesday. <3 Absolutely cannot wait! Need to read the book (which is over on my shelf here) first so I can properly compare them. Zombie romance? What better way to spend a (better late then never) birthday / valentines date? :) I'm so glad to hear so many people have enjoyed it.

  4. I haven't seen the movie yet. I've had way to many people tell me that if suffers from having a PG-13 rating. Since I already wasn't a huge fan of the book in the first place and combined with the rating issue I might just wait til I can rent it on DVD.

  5. I absolutely loved this movie! I didn't actually know it was loosely based on R&J, but I guessed R was called Romeo.... That made me extremely proud of myself!
    ~ Ruby @

  6. He character posters are cute. I want to try this movie because I love TPalmer!