Thursday 17 January 2013

Me, Suzie P. Blog Tour


This is the last stop on the Me, Suzy P. Blog Tour! I'm hoping you've had fun finding out lots about what the book is about and a bit more about the author. 

For those of you who have just joined us and have no idea what the book is about then you can read the blurb below, and you can also check out my review of the book HERE.

Me, Suzy P
Release Date: January 1, 2013
14-year-old Suzy Puttock and her three best friends lead an average teenage life, spending most of their time in school, home or hanging out in cafes. Side-splitting mishaps and cringe moments have a nasty habit of following Suzy wherever she goes, but otherwise life's pretty normal - she's been going out with Danny since forever, her nutty older sister Amber's wedding is taking up all her family's attention and her annoying younger sister Harry is intent on making her life a misery. 

But when gorgeous new boy Zach starts showing Suzy attention, she wonders if the grass may be greener on the other side of the romantic fence. Before Suzy knows it, she has broken up with Danny, there's a huge rift in her friendship group and life is careering off track. Can she sort herself out before things are messed up completely?

Karen has kindly put together an awesome playlist for her book that will hopefully give you a better idea of the characters but also what the story is about. Let's put two hands together and warmly welcome... KAREN SAUNDERS!
Hi, I’m Karen Saunders and the author of Me, Suzy P. My book’s about a girl called Suzy Puttock. She’s a walking disaster area, and constantly embarrassing herself in a million and one funny ways, but she’s got a great bunch of mates and a fantastic boyfriend who get her through it all. The problems start when a hot new guy, Zach, starts at Suzy’s school and Suzy starts crushing on him…yep. Big fat uh-oh.

I was asked by this lovely blog to pick a playlist for the novel and after much thought, here are the songs I came up with. Hope you enjoy them!
Hazard to Myself, Pink – because the title is just so relevant to Suzy (the rest of the song, not so much).

Don’t Speak, No Doubt –the first verse perfectly reflects what Suzy and Danny are going through when they start having problems.

 I’ll Be There For You, The Rembrants  - the theme tune from the Friends TV show sums up the friendship between Suzy, Millie, Danny and Jamie. They also spend a lot of time hanging out in coffee shops (although to the best of my knowledge have never danced around in a fountain. Not yet, anyway…).

White Wedding, Billy Idol – Because there’s a wedding in the book and every wedding should have this song.

Mr Bojangles, Nina Simone - I was listening to a lot of Nina Simone when I named the coffee shop in the book…it’s called Bojangles.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - a song that epitomises female friendship. Suzy and Millie always have good times together.

Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen – it sums up that giddy rush when you see someone you fancy.

Complicated, Avril Lavigne –Suzy’s head gets all messed up when she meets Zach and things get all kinds of complicated.

Crazy in Love, Beyonce – a song about a girl so obsessed with a boy she starts to act completely out of character, just like Suzy does.

That’s What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction – because I kind of think this is how Danny feels about Suzy (awww). She’s not conventionally pretty, but to him, she’s always the most beautiful girl in the room, and the quirky things she does make him love her all the more.  

playlist wouldn’t be complete without one from the band in the book, so I’ve gone with The Drifting, All I Can Think of Is You.
Isn't that an awesome list? Some of my favourite songs are on that list, are any of your's?

If you're interested then I think you'll be happy to know that Me, Suzy P is available to buy from all good bookshops, online and is also available as an e-book.

Get in touch with Karen or find out what she's up to:
Karen's Twitter: @writingkaren. 
Suzy Puttock;s hilarious Twitter account: @suzyputtock 

Have a great week,
Sam :D

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