Thursday 14 June 2012

My review of Angel Fire

Angel Fire (Angel #2) by L.A Weatherly
Release Date: October 1, 2011
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Angel Fire (Angel, #2)Only Willow has the power to defeat the malevolent Church of Angels, and they will stop at nothing to destroy her. Willow isn’t alone, though. She has Alex by her side – a trained Angel Killer and her one true love. But nothing can change the fact that Willow’s a half-angel, and when Alex joins forces with a group of AKs, she’s treated with mistrust and suspicion. She’s never felt more alone…until she meets Seb. He’s been searching for Willow his whole life – because Seb is a half-angel too.

Angel Fire is the sequel to the bestselling, Angel. Set in a fun and exciting world that will sweep you off your feet. Full of romance and action, this is a trilogy that all angel fans must try out!

Angel Fire picks up from where Angel left off, Willow is on the run with her boyfriend, Alex. But when they find Alex's AK (Angel Killer) friends, Willow knows they won't accept her. She's a half-angel. Dangerous to all humans. When the Church of Angels start planning to destroy her, Willow has no one. Alex is out with the AKs all day and she sees him less and less. So when the mysterious Seb turns up Willow can't help but want to be his friend. Seb is a half-angel too and he's got the all the answers to her questions.

This book told from quite a few point of views, which can get quite confusing sometimes and even a little bit boring. I must admit the book did progress pretty slowly for me, the first 100 pages weren't that exciting and I pretty much skim read all of Raziel/The Baddy's parts.

The overall plot was to kill the Church of Angels and figure out Seb. I didn't mind the love triangle, I think L.A Weatherly wrote it quite well. I especially loved all the jealousy and the heart-breaking towards the end. Yes, I know, cruel. But it was interesting and I finally felt some emotion.

I can't wait to read the final book, Angel Fever. More Willow, Alex and Seb. They are an awesome set of characters with such vibrant personalities. I would recommend this trilogy to anyone who's looking for a new paranormal world to dive into.



  1. Thanks for the review. I've read and enjoyed Angel and I've been meaning to get to Angel Fire soon-ish. Hope the multiple POVs won't be too confusing. :)

  2. I love books about Angels! I think I will be fine with multi POVs since I read a lot of Ellen Hopkins books. I have never heard of this book. Glad I stopped by! Thanks for sharing your review!

  3. thx u for the review...thia angel series is one og may fave YA books :)