Sunday 22 April 2012

In My Mailbox (5)


Yes, I know, you must be thinking, "Sam? Doing an In My Mailbox? Is she ill?". No, no I'm not. I just remembered today! ;) 

In My Mailbox is a weekly post hosted by The Story Siren.

This week I received:
Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1)
Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
I received this one as a RAK from Violet.

Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry, #2)
Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles
I received this as a RAK from Sarah at Whispering Words.

Seeking Crystal (Benedict, #3)
Seeking Crystal (Benedict #3) by Joss Stirling
This one I was very excited to receive! I requested it a while ago and was so surprised when it turned up on my doorstep yesterday morning. And yes, I did finish last night because, duh, Joss Stirling's books are amazing. Since this one is releasing in October the review will have to wait a bit.

For those of you who have never heard of this series, please check it out! Here's the link to the first book, FINDING SKY.

The Glimpse
The Glimpse by Claire Merle
I finished this one yesterday, I think I might review it later on today. This was definitely not what I expected but it was really enjoyable. It's a complicated dystopian, check it out when it's released in June 2012. 

Books I got from the library:
Sugar and Spice (L.A. Candy, #3)
Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad
I'm excited to start reading Lauren Conrad's works, I've heard some great things about her books.

Deadly Cool (Deadly Cool, #1)
Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday
Read and loved! You can check out my review HERE!

I think that's all I got this week.....Yep! Leave a link in the comments to YOUR In My Mailbox!

Until next time (when ever I remember to write an IMM),
Sam :D


  1. Your IMM looks very good. I hope you would enjoy reading all of these books!


  2. Eeeepppp!!! Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction is freaking awesome! Enjoy your reads=D

    Drop by my IMM?

  3. Looking forward to your review of The Glimpse :)

  4. I've heard Perfect Chemistry is a good book. Was The Glimpse good? I think you got a lot of books that I'm still sitting on the fence debating whether or not to read. Happy reading!

    My IMM

  5. AAAAA Perfect Chemistry and Rules of attraction!!! OMG these books are so so good :) :) Great mailbox! Enjoy all your amazing books this week ;) :)

  6. I think I'll picking up that Glimpse novel because of the cover :) I am not sold on Lauren Conrad's books but I'm looking forward to your review.

    Talk Supe IMM

  7. Glimpse looks really good. I will make sure to look out for your review.

    My IMM

  8. Perfect Chemistry and Deadly Cool are both on my to-read!

    Great mailbox! :D

    IMM @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  9. Ahhh, Perfect Chemistry is one of my favorites, though I didn't enjoy Rules of Attraction as much. I hope you enjoy them! :D

  10. I liked "Chain Reaction" more than "Perfect Chemistry" which was pretty cliché. But hey, it's my opinion. Maybe you'll like both of them.

  11. Gorgeous covers! Perfect chemistry was alright. Still to read any of the others.

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    2. MY IMM -

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  13. Yaaay, awesome choices! I read the Perfect Chemistry trilogy already, and it was amazing! I'm sure you're gonna love them too!