Sunday 15 April 2012

My review of Cascade

Cascade (The River of Time #2) by Lisa T. Bergren
Release Date: June 1, 2011
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Cascade (River of Time, #2)Mom touched my underdress—a gown made six hundred years before—and her eyes widened as she rubbed the raw silk between thumb and forefinger. She turned and touched Lia’s gown. “Where did you get these clothes?”
Gabi knows she’s left her heart in the fourteenth century and she persuades Lia to help her to return, even though they know doing so will risk their very lives. When they arrive, weeks have passed and all of Siena longs to celebrate the heroines who turned the tide in the battle against Florence—while the Florentines will go to great lengths to see them dead.
But Marcello patiently awaits, and Gabi must decide if she’s willing to leave her family behind for good in order to give her heart to him forever.

Cascade is an intriguing novel about time travelling. Personally, I love to read books about time travel, not every author can pull of this subject but Lisa Bergren definitely has! Cascade has a very chilling plot with courageous characters and fun dialog. 

The River of Times series is based on two sisters, Gabi and Lia, who find a cave that takes them back in time to the 14th century, when they get there they are separated. Gabi finds refuge in the Forelli castle and takes a shine to Marcello, the king's son. Gabi's only intention is to be reunited with Lia, but with Marcello's charming smiles can she get Lia and not lose her heart along the way? 

That was just a basic summary of the previous book. In Cascade, Gabi and Lia have returned to their time. Gabi can't help but feel the deep longing for Marcello and all too soon they are back in the 14th century. But this time with their mother. With the enemy trying to kidnap Gabi and the black plague ever drawing near, who knows what could happen next?

Cascade was a book that really got my heart pumping. It was well planned and extremely addictive. I also loved the characters. In this book we see that Gabi has grown into a stronger person, she's ready to make sacrifices for other people but of course she hasn't lost her fighting spirit! I enjoyed her relationship with Marcello, them two are just perfect together. The romance in this book was extremely cute! We even see a spark between Lia and Luca, which is great because I've been waiting for them to get together for a long time.

I think that The River of Time books are amazing and they have not got the attention that they deserve. They are all beautifully written with a few moments that will make you life and cry. It has a strong plot line all the way through and everything single chapter of the book will have readers captivated. 

Overall, Cascade is a wonderful book that I recommend to all young-adult lovers out there! If you love a good historic romance, give it a go.

- Thank you Lisa T. Bergren! 


  1. Im so glad you enjoyed this! I absolutely adored this series. Admittedly I'm also in love with Luca to lol. Great review :)

  2. I'm not familiar with this book. I do enjoy time travel stories so I think I might enjoy this one. I will definitely be looking for it.

  3. I love this series! Glad you enjoyed it, too. I can't wait for Tributary!

  4. Thanks for the review of CASCADE! Glad it held up for you! Now, on to TORRENT, yes?

  5. Another series that I must get started on!