Friday 30 December 2011

Book Chick City's Speculative Romance Challenge 2012!


Just joined another challenge because this one is exciting!!!!!

You don't have to have a blog to be a part of this challenge, just click on the picture of the sexy angel, above, for ALL the rules and instructions!
There are four levels to choose from:
- One Sexy Demon: Read 6 Speculative Romance novels in 2012
- Two Sexy Werewolves: Read 12 Speculative Romance novels in 2012
- Three Sexy Vampires: Read 18 Speculative Romance novels in 2012
- Four Sexy Archangels: Read 24 Speculative Romance novels in 2012
All these count:
- Paranormal romance
- Dark fantasy romance
- Urban fantasy romance
- Steampunk romance
- Sci-fi romance
- Apocalyptic romance

Personally, I'm aiming Four Sexy Archangels! Gotta aim high, right? ;)

Check back soon,
Sam :D

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