Tuesday 16 March 2021

My Current Reads

Happy Tuesday!

I have been trying to tackle my huge TBR in this lovely month of March. This includes finally getting to some of my books that have been waiting on my shelf a long time and the sequels are now coming out. Woops.
This was my first read of the month and I loved it. After the hangover that ACOSF by Sarah J Maas left me with, this book was perfect. Lovely cast of characters and such warm family vibes! I cannot wait for Chain of Iron to arrive at my doorstep. I will be posting a full review soon.
I am 75% through this beauty and I am really enjoying it. It's refreshing to have POVs of Zoya and Nikolai. I found it slightly difficult to get into at the beginning but once the story and plotline picked up I was hooked! I will be finishing this hopefully in the next 24 hours and then the count down to Rule of Wolves begins.

What are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments.

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