Tuesday 22 April 2014

Let's Talk: If I Stay Trailer


Welcome to another "Let's Talk!" post. Today I shall be discussing the newly released If I Stay trailer. 

I cannot stop watching this trailer. It's haunting, heart-warming, romantic and utterly perfect! I've cried countless times and have spammed up my Instagram with short clips from this irresistible story. 

If you have been living under a rock and have never heard of If I Stay by Gayle Forman, I highly recommend you get your butt over to a bookshop and purchase the book ASAP because it will make you cry and laugh and feel all emotions possible. JUST GO OKAY.

In a nice brief summary: it's about a girl who is in a car crash with her family and is in a coma. While she in a coma, people visit her and relieves memories and is drawn between following her family or holding on to life and waking up. 

CHLOE GRACE MORETZ IS PERFECT. Yep, she's Mia. From what I've heard, Chloe had to learn a bit of the cello in order to fulfill the role and that... that's just amazing. I can't wait to see the entire film and also cry at how beautiful she is and how well she portrays Mia!
And JAMIE BLACKLEY! Gah, I wasn't sure at first, but honestly they are exactly how I pictured Mia and Adam. And the acting. Omg, the acting is brilliant. All of Jamie's lines as Adam felt so real and believable and utterly perfect. I WISHED HE WAS SAYING THEM ALL TO ME. DON'T PRETEND YOU DIDN'T WANT THAT TOO.
I like the use of the voice over and that amazing cello playing at the beginning; it really set the scene perfectly and brought a beautiful sense of urgency. But I honestly couldn't stop myself from crying or my heart from racing at a dangerous rate when "Say Something" by A Great Big World began playing. No. I couldn't handle it at all. THE SONG JUST FITS SO PERFECTLY I COULDN'T EVEN BREATHE.
The lines used in the trailer also gave me complete CHILLS and FEELS and the "OMG I'M DYING OF EMOTIONS" kind of feeling. I'm sure you felt them too. Examples:

"Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you."
"The you you are now is the same you I was in love with yesterday and the same you I'll be in love with tomorrow."
"Here's the secret, baby: if you live; if you die; it's all up to you."


"I can't lose her."
"I'm still here. And I'm still crazy in love with you. Please stay."
I don't do them justice simply writing them out, go and watch the trailer already! And after watching the trailer about ten times in a row and having a five minute cool down... I still wanted to watch it again and cry a bit more. I need this film, right now. I can't stand the wait.
I'm afraid that this film will not get as much recognition as The Fault in Our Stars is getting. Don't get me wrong, I am excited for both of them and I don't honestly know how I will be able to afford all the tissues for both of these movies because they look absolutely heart-wrenching and amazing. But I just hope people will not brand this as another TFiOS and dismiss it. I really hope both movies are a huge, HUGE success.

I can't believe it. I know plenty of us in the bookish community are feeling so lucky that more incredible YA books that have been our favourites for such a long time are finally being brought to the big screen! With exquisite actors that look so promising and just like we imagined them. 

I have both June 20th (TFiOS) and August 22nd (If I Stay) marked out on my calender. I am so, so desperate to see these movies and I don't think my friends understand my hype so please join in with me and show me that this is completely normal.

What do you think of the If I Stay trailer? Will you be watching the movie when it's out? What do you think of the actors? Let me know in the comments!

Much love,
Sam :)

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