Tuesday 3 December 2013

Let's Talk: Divergent Movie Trailer


I saw the trailer a few weeks ago but I thought we should talk about it... I mean... IT LOOKS AWESOME. And you know what movie I'm talking about? (Obviously, because you read the title of this post) DIVERGENT!
I'm sorry, but if you don't know or have never heard of this book then.................. What are you even doing? GO PICK UP IT UP RIGHT NOW! Divergent by Veronica Roth, yep, go!

Divergent is a dystopian novel based around courage, choice and being different. This novel for me is very unique and absolutely incredible. The sequel "Insurgent" isn't AS good, and I have yet to read "Allegiance", but from what I've heard..... VERYVERY mixed reviews.

Now, with a YA dystopian movie there is NO DOUBT in my mind this will be compared to The Hunger Games. I mean, what isn't? Any dystopian/vampire novel that the YA genre produces the media will immediately compare it to The Hunger Games or Twilight, it's simply unavoidable.

But the thing that gets on my nerves is that critics don't even give the movie a chance. With The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie (check out my Let's Talk post here!), critics gave the movie TERRIBLE TERRIBLE reviews while us ordinary viewers rated it highly? The plot of the movie is good, the actors portrayed the characters well, there was humor, there was action, there was romance. WHYYY, MEDIA, DID YOU IMMEDIATELY CALL IT THE NEXT HUNGER GAMES??????? Not only does this make the fans feel a bit protective and say, "HEYYYY, THE HUNGER GAMES IS ORIGINAL AND AMAZING AND CAN'T BE COMPARED OKAY!!!" It also makes others think, "Hmmm, if it's just like THG then there's not much point in going to see it, is there?"

Okay, I know it's used to guarantee and secure an audience, but can't you at least let the movie stand for it self? Divergent is definitely unique and deserves its own recognition.
Now, back to the point! The movie.

The trailer looks freakin' awesome and shows the best parts of the book....... I must admit that I probably need to have a re-read as I've forgotten quite a bit of what happens! But the movie looks like it's done well following and keeping as close to the book as possible.

Shailene Woodley isn't how I pictured Tris but I think as I watch the film that I'll get use to her and pick out all the reasons why they picked her for the role. She must be amazing if they picked her out of hundreds for such a big role.

Now, Theo James. I'm not convinced. I'm sorry, I'm just not. He doesn't look like Four, he doesn't sound like Four, he doesn't feel like Four; he just isn't entirely Four. For me.I might get a lot of hate for saying that, but I'm simply expressing my concern. He's good looking and all.... but.. 
I'll admit, in some shots and pictures he looks pretty good. And compared to some of the rumored names that were all in the running for the role, MAYBE he was a good choice. I don't know. The only film I've seen Theo James in is The Inbetweeners Movie so I don't have much opinion on his acting skills. 
I'm going to stop moaning about Theo now because I'm just going to wait until I watch the movie before I judge him and throw him to the side completely.

The action and setting looks brilliant! I loved the beginning scenes that the trailer shows! OOooooOoo Kate Winslet as Jeanine is just perfect! She gave me the chills. The choice ceremony thing... wow! Looks absolutely brilliant.

I would have liked to see Uriah and Will and Christina because they were also awesome characters. And just as I wrote that line I searched "Uriah casting" and JUST (10 seconds ago) found out that they have decided to leave him out of the first movie, but we are still having the zip wire scene? :( What. I LOVE HIM!!! What is your opinion on this? They have said that we will be seeing in the second movie... Hmmm, but still, I am not happy.
I hope they've kept the plot close to the book as my memory's a bit rubbish and the book is amazing in its self and does not need to be changed. In my opinion. But from book to screen you gotta make it a bit more exciting in places, I guess.

Now, I'll stop rambling! I will be writing a post about it after I've seen it in April!! I'll either be rambling about the good things or complaining non-stop. We'll see.

Feel free to leave your opinion on the trailer/anything mentioned in the post in the comments.

Thank you for reading,
Sam :D


  1. did you watch the hunger games catching fire? its a must watch movie and will consider it as the movie of the year lol


  2. The trailer looks amazing! and for some strange reason, i have very high expectations for this movie to be good.

  3. I loved the trailer! I hope the movie makes up to the expectations :)