Sunday 24 November 2013

Book Haul (#68)


I've had a stressful, stressful week of too many pieces of homework and exam revision. What is my life coming to? 

How about you all? Have you had a good week in books? Been reading and living your life to the max? Well, I certainly hope that you have!
I must apologise to you all for lack of posting and... just being absent from the blogging world in general. I have been crazy busy and I know that is NONONO excuse. I will try my best to make sure that there is new and exclusive content on the blog on a weekly basis.

This week I borrowed:
The Killing of Kayla SloaneHidden (Firelight, #3)
The Killing of Kayla Sloane by Kim Harrington - Borrowed
I've read Clarity and Perception by this author and enjoyed them so I thought I'd give this a go. It's a YA mystery.
Hidden (Firelight #3) by Sophie Jordan - Borrowed -
I've waited a long while for this conclusion!! Firelight and Vanish were good and I loved the idea of dragons so I can't wait to see how it ends.
Teardrop (Teardrop, #1)
Teardrop (Teardrop #1) by Lauren Kate - Borrowed -
Never thought I'd pick this up as I hated Kate's Fallen series. But why not try it out? The cover is gorgeous.

Leave a link to your Book Haul/Stacking the Shelves/In My Mailbox/Letterbox Love/Showcase Sunday in the comments so I can check it out!

Enjoy your books,
Sam :D


  1. i see Teardrop here and i remember i must get it..... happy reading

    here is mine -

  2. Ooo, The Killing of Kayla Stone has a really nice cover! Creepy title though o.O And I doubt I'll ever get to Teardrop, especially since I also hated the Fallen series (what I read, anyway), but I hope you enjoy Teardrop! :)

    Check out my STS post!

  3. The cover for Teardrop just begs me to pick it up! But, alas, I must be strong! Fallen was quite terrible.

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  4. That cover for Hidden is absolutely stunning! I was honestly disappointed by the ending, but of course I think it's all up to which leg of the love triangle you prefer. Hope it works out better for you!