Thursday 2 May 2013

Help Me?

Hey guys!

I know this is such a random post, but I would really appreciate your help if you could spend 2 seconds of your life by clicking this link:
It is for Union J's debut single Carry You, and they are hosting a competition for the top ten people who can get the most people to click on the link and will win a Skype call with them.
Scan with Smartphone
I know you must be thinking, "Why on earth is Sam posting this?" Well, it's because they are one of my favourite bands and I would DIE to get a Skype call from them! :D

If you have time, you know... Just click on the link and possibly ask some of your friends to click on it as well. Don't try to click more than once because it will not be counted.
Anyhow, enjoy the song and thank you very much for your help!

Sam :)