Saturday 26 May 2012

My review of Out of Sight, Out of Time

Out of Sight, Out of Time (Gallagher Girls #5) by Ally Carter
Release Date: March 13, 2012 (US), April 5, 2012 (UK)
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Out of Sight, Out of Time (Gallagher Girls, #5)The last thing Cammie Morgan remembers is leaving the Gallagher Academy to protect her friends and family. But when Cammie wakes up in an alpine convent and discovers months have passed, her memory is a black hole. The only traces left of Cammie’s summer vacation are the bruises on her body and dirt under her nails. 

All she wants is to go home. But even the Gallagher Academy now holds more questions than answers as Cammie and her friends face their most difficult challenge yet. With only their training and a few clues to guide them, the girls go in search of answers on the other side of the world. But the Circle is hot on their trail and will stop at nothing to prevent Cammie from remembering what she did last summer.

Out of Sight, Out of Time is the fifth book in the best selling Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter. Many around the world have fallen in love with these exciting and fast-paced books, if you haven't tried this series yet then....get reading!

In this thrilling instalment, Cammie can't remember what happened all summer. She woke up in the middle of no where and the big question that everyone wants Cammie to answer is: What happened to you? When Cammie gets back to school more problems rise to the surface, the Circle are following her. Spies. Everywhere. Ready to jump out as soon as Cammie remembers what she did last summer...

I really, really enjoy all the characters in this series, especially....Zachary Goode. He brightened up the book and made it all worth while. He is kind, strong, confident, hot and just all round amazing. Cammie and her friends were a delight to read about, I loved their adventures and mischievous plans!

One thing this book lacked was description. When I felt an interesting scene coming on, Ally just stated. Example:
"Zach was shirtless."
Yep, that's all Cammie thought! I wanted to know more! YES, he was shirtless! Woop-dee-doo! But what was his stomach like? He's meant to be a spy so is he totally ripped? I don't know because Cammie never told me! Come on, what kind of girl is she? All girls stare right? 

So, you see my problem. I also found it hard to picture the characters in my head, because of the lack of description, I didn't really know what they looked liked. Macey is pretty. Liz is geeky. Okay, but can we have a little bit more information? I know that too much description is boring, blah, blah, blah, but it would have been nice to at least know what the main character looks like.

I really do like this series, and sure, the description let's it down, but behind it all the book is actually very unique and I can't get enough of the exciting plot lines that Ally Carter comes up with!

I'm going to stop complaining and just say that this series is perfect for young, young adult readers who would probably enjoy Ally's writing style more than I do. If you love a good spy world with plenty of thrilling mysteries, pick up these books!


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  1. I also like this series. But now that I read what you said about descriptions, I think you're right. I don't really know/remember how the characters look like :P