Thursday 17 February 2022

Blog Tour: The House of Sorrowing Stars by Beth Cartwright

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour celebrating the release of The House of Sorrowing Stars by Beth Cartwright. I had the absolute pleasure of reading this book before its release and once I picked it up, it was so very difficult to put down. If you are someone that likes stories written in a poetic style and feels like a fairytale, then read on for my review.


How do you heal a broken house?

First you unlock its secrets.

Alone on an island, surrounded by flowers that shine as dusk begins to fall, sits an old, faded house. Rooms cannot be rented here and visits are only for those haunted by the memory of loss.

When Liddy receives an invitation, she thinks there must be some mistake - she's never experienced loss. But with her curiosity stirred, and no other way to escape a life in which she feels trapped, she decides to accept.

Once there, she meets Vivienne, a beautiful, austere woman whose glare leaves Liddy unsettled; Ben, the reserved gardener; and Raphael, the enigmatic Keymaker. If Liddy is to discover her true purpose in the house, she must find the root of their sorrow - but the house won't give up its secrets so easily . . .

The House of Sorrowing Stars is a haunting yet mesmerising read that will stick with me for a long time. Through the poetic writing style coupled with magical realism elements, this book completely transports you into a world that feels historical with an edge of fantasy. The main setting is the House of Sorrowing Stars which is a place that helps those who have experienced loss in some way. Cartwright effortlessly brings this house to life to the point we believe it is a character in its own right. This story feels like a fairytale, which works beautifully for the story that it tells. We follow Liddy as she learns about the house, the real reason why she was invited there, and how she can help with the deep-rooted sorrow that lingers in its walls as well as its occupants. Reading this book felt like the most wonderful escape.

At its core, it explores themes of grief and loss, the different ways that can manifest in each of us, and how on a human level everyone deserves the chance to heal. It takes you on a journey of emotions as you learn more about those residing in the house in particular the owner of the house Vivien and her brother Raphael. While at times I felt deep heartache and despair for these characters, the story weaves in themes of forgiveness and love and leaves your heart feeling full. I cannot wait to reread this story to pick up on further details that I may have missed in my first read.

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Many thanks to Del Rey for gifting a proof copy for review.

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