Friday 13 September 2013

My review of Stargazing from Nowhere

Stargazing from Nowhere by Isabel Thomas and Marilyn Thomas
Release Date: July 22, 2013
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Kristen Morgan's blog is about to get her into trouble. Deep trouble. Online, she is known as "Stargazer" from the popular Stargazing from Nowhere blog, while in real life she is a regular fifteen-year-old high school student. This online anonymity is quite liberating, allowing her to be completely honest with her readers. Through a twist of fate, Rising Tide, the band she has bashed the most online, ends up in her small town, which sends Kristen into an excited panic. To continue gathering fresh material for her blog, she poses as a Rising Tide fan. After sneaking into the band's private party, she comes face to face with the band's drummer, Michael Stevens, who happens to be even more gorgeous in person than she cares to admit. Something unexpected also happens to her when she meets him: she becomes giddy, nervous, and inarticulate, leading Kristen to realize that her interest in Michael has nothing to do with her blog, but everything to do with her heart. As Kristen and Michael grow closer, does she have to make a choice between blog or boyfriend...Or is the choice made for her?

Stargazing from Nowhere is contemporary novel about a girl with a hit blog who has been trashing a band online until they come to her home town and she ends up getting to know them a whole lot better. And I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would! The concept of the story is very interesting and I found myself getting more and more caught up in it.

At first, I wasn't too keen on the main character, Kristen, who has a blog called "Stargazing from Nowhere" which has become quite popular over the time that she has been bashing a band called "Rising Tide". She wasn't very likable, but overtime, she toned down the bashing and we saw the more calm girl underneath.

I really liked the idea of the band coming to her home town, and her later falling for one of the band members, Michael, and him for her. She gets to know him beyond how he is portrayed in the news. And he is absolutely lovely! I fell for him myself. 
Kristen and Michael's relationship... It was adorable! I loved their ups and their downs. The cute and light scenes to the more serious ones dealing with much more important issues. I liked the whole idea of Kristen having to juggle her blog and her feelings for Michael, because she can't exactly tell Michael that she's the blogger who dragged their name to the ground, can she?

The characters were all cool, with their own quirks and personalities. We meet Kristen's best friend Maggie, and Michael's ex-girlfriend, Evangeline, who is a famous actress, and even Peter, Kristen's long time guy-friend, who may or may not have feelings for her. Anyhow, I enjoyed the drama that these characters brought into some of the scenes!

Stargazing from Nowhere is an exciting and quirky YA contemporary novel that deserves some attention for it's well-written storyline and humorous characters. I cannot wait to read the sequel, Wish Carefully, which will be out later this year.
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