Saturday 22 June 2013

Let's Talk: Twilight

Hello there!

It's been a few weeks (or months, my memory is terrible) since I posted my last "Let's Talk" post and I was just sitting around when I decided I should write another. I hope that's okay with you all since I know that some don't really like these discussion-y posts. And if you don't, that's completely fine, just let me know in the comments so I can take that into consideration when I write my posts.

This week's topic? *Drumroll* TWILIGHT! I know I will either hear a groan or a "Yipee!" from readers. We have out Twihards and then others (like me) who are not too keen. So let's have one big talk about the appeal of the Twilight, but also the reason why some people seem to loathe it so much. Let's begin.
We all know Twilight is a big... big thing. Originally written as a book by Stephanie Meyer, who then wrote three more follow-ups: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, but then were made into five films with Robert Patterson playing the lead male role and Kristen Stewart as the lead protagonist. The films and books made instant fans became a worldwide phenomenon. 

I'm not saying Twilight is the worst thing on earth because I respect that some people do love the world that Meyer has created and I would hate to ruin that by putting my negative thoughts in. So, we'll name the good and the bad. 
I've realised how much some people hate the character of Bella. They claim she is weak, naive, and possesses no type of personality of her own. To a certain extent, I agree with this, but not entirely.
She was weak at the start of the series and very naive. She goes off into the woods with a guy who she KNOWS is dangerous and tells him that she wants to be with him. I mean.... Girl, you've only just met him last week! The whole instant-love thing really does not work for me. 

However, towards the end of the series, she does grow a backbone and really takes charge. She drops the pathetic human and really grows into her vampire form.
The Romance
Yes. The "romance". As previously mentioned in my point above, I did not like the instant-love thing that Bella and Edward had going on. I'm sure some did not mind it, but I did. The two just started going out...
Just like that.

They didn't get to know each other, or have any kind of in-depth conversation. Nope, he just saved her from some drunk men, popped through her window to watch her during the night, and showed her his sparkling chest. 
Edward is basically absent for most of New Moon (#2), but makes a proper reappearance in Eclipse (#3) where he plans to marry Bella. ER WHAT?!?!?!?!? I just didn't see how they could have "fell in love" so fast when they didn't even really know each other in the first place. 

In the movies, it was cute to see them together and all but at the back of my mind I was always thinking: They are practically strangers to each other!
The Books
When I read the books, I thought that they weren't written too badly and I actually got into the story. You've got to admit that Meyer is original and did not copy anyone! Unlike some of the books now a days which are just copies of previous successful books. Twilight was thought up all on its own and did not have to copy anything to become successful.
The World
Meyer does a really good job at building up this dangerous paranormal world that is really easy to get sucked into. Each author has their own take on vampires, but Meyer's version just seems to have that extra "oomph". Vampire Diaries? Er, no thanks. I tried reading them but they were terrible. I mean, if you love them... sorry! I've heard the TV series are better than the books though.
The Films
I think that the directors did an awesome job at bringing the Twilight saga to the big screen. The effects and the visuals and the sets were all incredible. Most Twilight fans probably got into it because of having seen the film and then wanting to read the books. Or some are just in it for the shirtless Jacob, right? *Sigh* 
The Boys
I've been thinking hard about this. As mentioned previously, are some fans simply in it for the whole "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" thing? Do they simply enjoy staring at Taylor Lautner's abs, or are they really interested in the story? Maybe it's Robert Pattinson and his sparkly skin and "sexy" hair? 
So guys, now it is your turn to voice what YOU think about Twilight and whether you agree with any of my points, simply comment below. I'm really interested in what others think of it.

Have a good weekend,
Sam :D

P.S. I found this way too funny.


  1. I love Twilight but I do agree with your points above, the insta love is kinda ridiculous..However the funny thing is I love the books but I really hate the movie lol

  2. I, for one, am not a Twihard - I'm the complete opposite.
    But if I go into too much detail, I'll start a whole rant, and it'll be quite negative and I'll just try and avoid that. :)
    I did originally like the books, but the films go on my nerves - I just didn't like the acting and the whole mood of the film.
    What? I love The Vampire Diaries! Lol. If you didn't like the books, I still recommend you read L.J Smith's Night World. Those books are so good.
    It was actually really fun reading this! I myself am very opinionated (which you can probably tell) and it's really fun to just discuss stuff.
    Basma @ My Bookish Thoughts

  3. I could rant about Twilight all day long but won't cause I'm sure you don't want to read it. Anywho, I really believe this story should've went Jacob and Bella being together. I do believe Bella should've still became a Vampire and Edward being the one to do it but romantically no they were not healthy for each other and I never bought into them being a couple. I also HATED her Vegetarian vampires and the sparkling dear god no. Great post!!

    1. I agree! I much prefer vampires burning alive in the sunlight than vegetarian vampires-original idea but not interesting! I also prefer humans turning into wolves than sparkling vampires in the sunlight! I would really love to have seen Bella and Jacobs lovestory more. I like passion more than reserve! I'm not a fan of Breaking Dawn, wedding, pregnancy, the birth and how it ended for Jacob-original again in some ways but unfair! Bella should have given Jacob a better chance! Great post: interesting view!

  4. Let me start by saying that you have written this piece extremely well. It is very easy to cross the thin line between censure and condemnation while talking about the twilight series, but you've done a marvellous job at it. Coming to the technicalities, the 'vampire world' is more believable in the Vampire Diaries than it is in Twilight. And more so in True Blood, yet another vampire-themed series. I too never bought Bella-Edward as a couple with the whole love at first smell/sight, although I doubt Bella-Jacob would've done much better.

  5. +JMJ+

    When it comes to Twilight, I'm in a really odd demographic. I read the first two books soon after they came out and didn't like them at all. But just this year, a friend who was reading Eclipse for the first time inspired me to give the series another chance . . . and I ended up really liking it, rereading the first two novels, really liking them, and finally finishing the series on a very positive note!

    I get people's objections to insta-love, but since I believe in love at first sight, it's not a problem for me as long as the characters are written well. And I do think that Bella and Edward are written well.

    So, yes, I'm a fan--though I prefer saying that I'm on Team Twilight than calling myself a Twi-hard. LOL! For me, the only downside of this experience is that it's now really hard to find other Twilight fans who want to discuss the books with me. *pout*

  6. Hi, I loved the books and the movies but as separate items! I'm a romantic at heart and while I agree Bella and Edward falling in love was too fast and how their lovestory came about. I love how you do your posts by looking into all areas, not missing points but I fell in love with my husband before I really got to know him that well! Both sets of parents are friends but it wasnt until we fell for eachother that we got to know eachother!
    My love story is boring to others but it is still possible to fall in love with someone that quickly!
    I'm more of a True Blood, Originals fan myself and I did watch the first four seasons of Vampire Diaries but now I am kind of over vampire stories and also romantic teen novels. I won't get you started talking Nickolas Sparks! Loved the Notebook though and A Walk to Remember!
    I'm not a bright spark myself so I loved Twilight as a teen without being obsessed and looking into it without too much depth!
    I like this site and love the posts! Thankyou for sharing with consideration both sides to Twilight: this discussion has been fun-thankyou, post away!
    Sarah Clarke